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Rapid technological change, particularly in the computer-based technologies, is influencing the nature of our industrial enterprises and the work that is undertaken in these enterprises. As a result, our industrial enterprises are becoming more globally competitive.

Students are able to specialise in computer aided drawing (CAD), using the industry standard in drafting software – “AutoCad”. Students learn 2D and 3D solid modelling techniques from a range of modern computer applications. Students receive tuition from an industry experienced training professional.

This subject gives students the skills and knowledge to pursue a career in architecture, drafting, graphic & industrial design, interior or landscape design.

The course also provides students with opportunities to study this focus area through an industry visit.

Both the Year 11 and Year 12 courses are organised around four sections:

  • industry study
  • workplace communication
  • design, planning and management
  • industry-specific content

Year 11 Course

Practical skill enhancing exercises and minor projects combined with a study of industry in their focus area.

Year 12 Course

The development of a major project and folio in your focus strand and a broad study of industry.


School assessment has the same structure for both the Year 11 course and the Year 12 course.

Assessment components (Weighting)

  • industry study (20%)
  • design, planning & management (20%)
  • workplace communication (10%)
  • industry-specific content (50%)

For Year 12 there is an external paper worth 40% and the major project and associated management folio 60%.