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Mathematics advanced

Two unit Board Developed Course (BDC)

The mathematics advanced course extends student’s working mathematically skills and their understanding of how ‘real-world’ problems can be solved using mathematical models. It provides a basis for the study of mathematics as a minor discipline at tertiary level, in courses such as the life sciences or commerce.

The course is intended for students who have displayed competence in Stage 5.3 mathematics outcomes or have achieved the Stage 5.2 outcomes at a high level.

Further information is available on the Mathematics advanced syllabus website.

Year 11


  • working with functions
  • trigonometry and measure of angles
  • trigonometric functions and identities
  • introduction to differentiation
  • exponential and logarithmic functions
  • descriptive statistics
  • probability
  • discrete probability distributions.

Year 12


  • graphing techniques
  • trigonometric functions and graphs
  • differential calculus
  • the second derivative
  • integral calculus
  • modelling financial situations
  • bivariate data analysis
  • random variables.