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Information processes and technology

Two Unit Board Developed Course (BDC) Category A

The use and management of information-based systems underpins life in the 21st century. The IPT course focuses on these systems – the processes of collecting, organising, analysing, storing and retrieving, processing, transmitting and receiving, and displaying information. Students also learn about the technologies that enable these systems to work efficiently. With this background, they are well placed to adapt to new technologies as they continue to emerge.

During the Year 12 course students undertake a major project worth 35% of the school assessment mark, where they plan, design and implement a system that has a purpose.

The course builds on the general concepts and skills developed in Stage 5 computing based courses.

This course is useful for students considering a very wide range of career options, not just students interested in working in information technology.

Further information is available on the Information process and technology syllabus website.

Year 11

Course modules:

  • introduction to information skills and systems
  • tools for information processes
  • developing information systems.

Year 12

Course modules:

  • project management
  • information systems and databases
  • communication systems
  • decision support systems
  • multimedia systems.