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Design and technology

Two Unit Board Developed Course (BDC) Category A

The design and technology course enables students to:

  • develop the design process skills of research, innovation, practical problem solving, and evaluation
  • find out about technologies used to produce objects in modern industry
  • learn how industries are set up and managed
  • develop the documentation skills to produce design folios
  • learn the skills to manage and produce a major project of their own design
  • understand the relationship between design, technology, society and the environment.

In the Year 11 course students undertake a number of practical mini design projects and study the historical and cultural influences on design.

The focal point of the Year 12 course is the student’s own major work, which can be a product, a system, or an environment. The major work includes a design folio documenting the complete major work process - the proposal, project management, development, realisation and evaluation. The major work forms part of both the school’s assessment and is marked by external examiners to make up 60% of the HSC external examination mark.

Students are not restricted in the type or combination of materials they may use for their major work however class time will mostly be spent in the computing room and metal and timber workshops.

Further information is available on the Design and technology syllabus website.