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Financial Services


Board Developed VET Course (ATAR)


This course enables career pathways in the financial services industry.

Australia’s second largest industry, financial services plays a significant role in the lives of most Australians who rely on the industry to manage their wealth and financial security. It includes a broad range of individuals and organisations involved in banking, insurances, superannuation, financial markets, and financial planning and advice.

While part of the professional services industry, accountants require a similar suite of skills to many financial services workers. The accounting sector is also a major employer.

Following worldwide regulatory reform and emergence of new technologies, the financial services industry and accounting sector has been through significant changes over the past decade.

Along with good technical skills, employers are looking for workers who have strong skills in key areas such as communication and customer service, ethics, risk management and compliance, and financial literacy, as well as adaptability to understand and embrace new technologies and ways of working in an ever changing environment.


Further information is available from the NESA website.