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English extension

English extension is for students with an interest in literature and a desire to pursue specialised study of English. Students explore ideas of value and consider how they arise and why some texts are considered culturally significant. It provides students who are accomplished in their use of English with the opportunity to extend their use of language and self-expression in creative and critical ways.

All English extension courses are 1 unit and can only be studied with English advanced. The preliminary English extension course is a prerequisite for the two HSC extension courses. Students can chose to study extension 1 or extension 1 and 2 in addition to English advanced in their Year 12 pattern of study.

Further information is available on the English extension syllabus website.

Year 11

Teachers prescribe one text from the past and its manifestations in one or more recent cultures. Students select one text and its manifestations in one or more recent cultures. Students research a range of texts as part of their independent project.

Course modules:

  • texts, culture and value
  • related research project

English Extension 1 Year 12 course

Students study at least three texts selected from a prescribed text list for the module study. Students are required to study at least two related texts.

Course modules:

  • literary worlds with one elective option.

English extension 2 Year 12 course unit

Students undertake extensive independent investigation involving a range of complex texts during the composition process and document this in their major work journal and reflection statement.

Course modules

  • the composition process
  • major work
  • reflection statement
  • the major work journal.