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German beginners

Two Unit Board Developed Course (BDC) Category A

Through this course students learn to appreciate the richness and diversity of the German language and culture.

German is a prominent international language and plays a significant role in the world of science and technology, culture, trade and commerce. It is one of the most the commonly spoken languages in the European Union. Communicating in another language expands students’ horizons and can strengthen their command of their first language.

Students develop the communication skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in German as they investigate the prescribed topics.

This course is only for students who have no prior knowledge or experience of the German language, or whose experience is derived solely from, or is equivalent to, its study for 100 hours or less in Stage 4 or 5.

Further information is available on the German beginners syllabus website.

Year 11

Course modules:

  • family life, home and neighbourhood
  • people, places and communities
  • education and work.

Year 12

Course modules:

  • friends, recreation and pastimes
  • holidays, travel and tourism
  • future plans and aspirations.