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Getting ready for senior learning

Are you starting senior learning at Jesmond Senior Campus this year? 

You will more than likely have completed our comprehensive transition program during Year 10 to prepare you for starting senior learning at Jesmond Senior Campus in 2024. 

You can also read through our Year 11 Orientation Handbook (which is also provided to students on their first day). 

As part of our transition program, we also invite families to attend information nights with our Faculties to get to know our teachers and support staff. You will be invited by email to these events. 

Two-Week Transition Program for Year 10 

Year 10, this is your chance to step into your senior learning, with two weeks of scheduled classes and activities at Jesmond Senior Campus in Term 4. 

Each day you will experience what is involved in learning at Jesmond, including navigating around the campus, finding your classrooms, checking out the caffeteria, and most importantly, meeting some of your senior teachers and our Administration staff.

You will also be able to explore some of new facilities including the school gym, dance studio and the Hive Learning Centre. 

You will receive a two week schedule to attend taster classes and wellbeing activities. Teachers will also provide you with handy techniques about study and assessment, that will assist you transition to Year 11 and prepare you for HSC learning. 

Remember, we are all here to support your journey, and we look forward to getting to know you during transition. 

Authentic Assessment Interviews

Taking place in Term 4 Week 8 for all our incoming Year 10 students,  the Authentic Assessment Interview is a chance for you to showcase your skills, knowledge, and experiences as you transition to the next phase of your educational journey.

The Authentic Assessment process is not just about grading or ranking; it's about recognizing your unique talents and potential. We believe in your ability to shine and excel, and we want to help you on your path to success.

This assessment process is designed to be a positive and valuable experience for you. During the interview, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your capabilities, discuss your academic and personal goals, and share your aspirations with teachers from across Callaghan College.

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