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Tourism, Travel and Events


Board developed VET Course


This course enables career pathways in the tourism, travel and events industry.

Tourism and travel is big business worldwide, and Australia has unique experiences to offer. While currently experiencing one of the biggest economic and employment challenges it has faced in recent times, its future prosperity remains strong. Tourism 2030 is an important Government initiative committed to supporting the industries to achieve sustainable growth.

The tourism and travel industries include arranging and selling tour and travel products; the provision of travel, tour, accommodation and reservation services; and travellers’ consumption of these products and services. The tourism industry also incorporates the tourism-related activities of businesses and organisations in allied industries including education and training, hospitality, retail, sport and recreation and transport.

Australia is an aspirational business event destination, and Australians recognise the importance of major events in their potential for delivering economic benefit. The events industry includes the coordination and management of business, community, cultural, leisure and religious events. Participants in an event typically utilise the products and services provided by the tourism and travel industries.

Tourism, travel and events are separate but closely linked industries. Cultural awareness, customer service and engagement, communication and technology and digital literacy are key skills required for those working in these industries. They need to attract the best employees to the workforce and give them the skills needed to offer world-class services.


Further information is available from the NESA website.