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English Standard


Board Developed Course (ATAR)

The English Standard Course is best suited to students who are choosing an ATAR pattern of study, but who may not be highly confident in the study of English.  This course builds students’ abilities to write academically and will support their ability to write extended responses in other subjects.  It provides students, who have a diverse range of literacy skills, with the opportunity to analyse, study and enjoy a breadth and variety of English texts to become confident and effective communicators.

English Standard offers a rich language experience that is reflected through the integrated modes of reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing, and representing. Through study of the course modules, students continue to develop their skills to analyse, reconsider and refine meaning and to reflect on their own processes of responding, composing, and learning.

All students in Standard and Advanced English will study a Common Module initially. The courses will be differentiated to cater for the learning of all students.


Further information is available on the NESA website.