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What to expect in high school

Starting senior high school is an exciting time, for students and their parents.

The campus offers up to 65 different courses each year, and we have more than 60 experienced senior educators that you will be interacting with at various times of your education at Jesmond. This is a mature learning environment, that provides a launch pad for students to realise their future career pathways and further learning opportunities to get there. 

New experiences

Make the most of our orientation and transition program at Jesmond to support you transition from Year 10 to senior learning. We have a comprehensive full year program for Waratah and Wallsend Campus students, which is also open to students transferring from other schools. 

The transition program is designed so that you can hit the ground running as you begin Year 11. 



New subjects and expectations

Year 11 students will be introduced to subjects they may not have experienced before, or offer a deeper exploration of topics. 

Learning in a senior environment comes with an expectation of maturity, with students offered independent, self-reliant and self-motivated learning opportunities. Lessons are more student-centred and our teachers are your guides to resources and deeper learning and understanding, rather than instructors.


Just as in junior campuses, you will be given a personalised timetable with your subjects, times and room locations listed.

You will need to check your timetable each night to make sure you come ready to learn with the correct equipment and homework completed for the next day's classes.

New friends

Your senior years will bring with it many seminal moments, which you will experience with your friends and classmates.

There will be plenty of opportunities to make new friends, with the blending of our two junior campuses at Jesmond, and other students joining this mature education environment for their final two years.

We encourage our students to make the most of what this offers, as you will find people who may share interests and specialist subjects that will motivate you and increase your self-esteem and connection through the HSC (and beyond). 

Juggling other priorities

As a senior student you may be juggling other responsibilies outside of your education, including work, family commitments and extra curricular activities including sport and creative pursuits. 

Evidence suggests that striving for a balanced lifestyle between study and work, recreation and social connection provides a strong foundation for success. Our campus has a strong wellbeing team to assist our students reach their personal goals and help find a good balance for personal growth. 

Homework and study

Students who achieve their goals in their final two years of high school set aside time after school most days to revise the day's lessons, complete assignments, explore ideas discussed in class and do tasks their teachers assign for further comprehension. 

Our learning centre in the Hive provides students with a dedicated learning space on campus, as well as access to  additional support from our staff.