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Two unit board developed course (BDC)

This course is for any student with an interest in drama. It acts as both an introductory course for students new to drama, and will extend experienced drama students. Students who have not studied drama previously will not be at a disadvantage.

Students learn about the practices of making, performing and critically studying dance. They engage with these practices through individual and group experiences. Students must be willing and able to work independently and in pairs or groups.

Performance of an individual and group piece is a component of the HSC along with extended written responses to set texts; thus writing skills along with performance skills are required. Drama is an exciting, creative and different course as well as intellectually challenging.

Further information is available on the Drama syllabus website.

Year 11

  • components are interrelated and are taught in an integrated program of study
  • improvisation, play building, acting
  • elements of production in performance
  • theatrical traditions and performance styles

Year 12

  • Australian drama and theatre
  • studies in drama and theatre
  • group performance
  • individual project