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English as an Alternative Language or Dialect (EAL/D)

Two Unit Board Developed Course (BDC)

The English English as an Alternative Language or Dialect (EAL/D) course may be studied by any student who has been educated with English as the language of instruction for five years or less before commencing Year 11. Students participate in a variety of language learning experiences to develop and consolidate their use, understanding and appreciation of standard Australian english. They learn to respond to and compose a wide variety of texts in order to be effective, creative and confident communicators. There is a particular emphasis on developing speaking and listening skills as these are integral to the development of EAL/D students’ English language skills.

Further information is available on the English EAL/D syllabus website.

Year 11

Students will study one substantial literary text, for example film, prose fiction, drama or a poetry text. They will also study a range of other texts drawn from prose fiction, drama, poetry, nonfiction, film, media and digital texts. Students need to support their study of texts with their own wide reading.

Course modules:

  • language and texts in context
  • close study of text
  • texts and society
  • one other module developed by the teacher.

Year 12

Students study three types of prescribed texts, one drawn from each of the following categories: 

  • prose fiction
  • poetry or drama
  • film or media or nonfiction.

Course modules:

  • texts and human experiences
  • language, identity and culture
  • close study of literature
  • focus on writing.