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Life skills

Students with special education needs which prevent them from successfully accessing regular courses are eligible to study life skills courses. Students accessing life skills courses can qualify for and achieve a HSC credential. There are no external HSC examinations for Stage 6 life skill courses and life skills courses do not contribute to an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR).

The school offers a range of life skill courses. Course availability is dependent on staffing and the number of students selecting the particular course. There are some discrete life skill classes, while other students undertaking Life Skills courses are integrated into regular classes. Life skills syllabuses are followed to help students achieve outcomes appropriate to their identified needs.

Placement into life skills courses is only made through an interview with the head teacher student services.

Students in a support class in the special education faculty are placed by a regional panel. Course selection for these students is made at an interview with the special education faculty.

Available courses

  • English Life Skills
  • Mathematics Life Skills
  • Work and the Community Life Skills
  • Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) Life Skills
  • Community and Family Studies Life Skills
  • Science Life Skills
    • Earth and Space Science Life Skills
    • Physical World Science Life Skills
    • Chemical World Science Life Skills
    • Living World Life Skills
    • Investigating Science Life Skills
  • Creative Arts Life Skills
    • Dance Life Skills
    • Drama Life Skills
    • Music Life Skills
    • Visual Arts Life Skills
  • Human Society and its Environment Life Skills
    • Aboriginal Studies Life Skills
    • Ancient History Life Skills
    • Business and Economics Life Skills
    • Citizenship and Legal Studies Life Skills
    • Geography Life Skills
    • Modern History Life Skills
    • Society and Culture Life Skills
    • Studies of Religion I and II Life Skills
  • Technology Life Skills
    • Design and Technology Life Skills
    • Food Technology Life Skills
    • Industrial Technology Life Skills
    • Information Processes and Technology Life Skills
    • Textiles and Design Life Skills

More information on Life Skills courses can be foundĀ here.

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