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Two Unit Board Developed Course (BDC) Category A

Biology is the branch of Science concerned with the study of living things – their structure, function, and interrelationships. It explores the organisation of life, from the molecular level to the system levels of organisational structure and function, which exhibit evolution as a common source of unity and diversity. It includes developing an understanding of the interactions within and between organisms and their environment.

To be successful in this course a student needs to:

  • be committed to participating actively in practical work,
  • be determined and willing to work consistently,
  • use summarising, note taking and the collection of second hand data to remember and process large amounts of information, and
  • achieve a Year 10 RoSA grade of C or higher.

Further information is available on the Biology syllabus website.

Year 11

Course modules:

  • cells as the basis for life
  • organisation of living things
  • biological diversity
  • ecosystem dynamics.

Year 12

Course modules:

  • heredity
  • genetic change
  • infectious disease
  • non-infectious disease and disorders.