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Two Unit Board Developed Course (BDC) Category A

A study of physics allows students to better understand the physical world and how it works. Students who study physics are encouraged to use observations to develop quantitative models of real-world problems and derive relationships between variables. They are required to engage in solving equations based on these models, make predictions, and analyse the interconnectedness of physical entities. This course provides a foundation for undertaking post-school studies in a wide range of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields.

To be successful in this course students need to:

  • have good literacy and numeracy skills
  • be self-motivated, independent workers
  • be able to logically develop a sequence of ideas and apply these ideas to new and unusual situations.
  • achieve a Year 10 ROSA grade of B of higher.

Further information is available on the Physics syllabus website.

Year 11

Course modules:

  • kinematics
  • dynamics
  • waves and thermodynamics
  • electricity and magnetism.

Year 12

Couse modules:

  • advanced Mechanics
  • elelectromagnetism
  • the nature of light
  • from the universe to the atom.