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Mathematics standard

The mathematics standard course focuses on mathematical skills with direct application to everyday activities providing a background for occupations requiring the use of basic mathematical and statistical techniques.

The course is intended for students who have displayed competence in Stage 5.2 or Stage 5.1 mathematics. Students who struggled with Stage 5.1 outcomes will find this course very difficult.

At the completion of the Year 11 mathematics standard course students choose to study either Standard 1 or Standard 2. Mathematics standard 2 is a BD category A course while standard 1 is a BD category B course.

Further information is available on the Mathematics standard syllabus website.

Year 11

Standard topics:

  • formulae and equations
  • linear relationships
  • applications of measurement
  • working with time
  • money matters
  • data analysis
  • relative frequency and probability

Year 12 

Standard 1 topics:

  • types of relationships
  • right angles triangles
  • rates
  • scaled drawings
  • investment depreciation and loans
  • further statistical analysis
  • networks and paths.

Standard 2 topics:

  • types of relationships
  • non-right-angled trigonometry
  • rates and ratios
  • investments and loans
  • annuities
  • bivariate data analysis
  • the normal distribution
  • network concepts critical path analysis.