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Future learning team

The Future Learning Team is a Callaghan College whole school initiative developed in line with the campus strategic plan and the school excellence framework. The Team’s focus is on technology, changes in future learning and best practice with respect to future learning and technology. The Future Learning Coordinator’s (FLCC) at each campus communicate and collaborate to support all staff in improving student learning through the integration of future learning pedagogies and technologies into quality classroom practice.

To achieve this, the future learning team support staff to:

  • Identify, nurture, capture and share examples of strong classroom practice and pedagogies;
  • Work with, and alongside, campus staff in situ to address individual and group needs to further develop confidence and competence in the integration of future learning pedagogies and future learning technologies;
  • Develop a college wide culture of innovative, high quality, continuous improvement in teaching and learning;
  • Develop and deliver professional learning to staff;
  • Collaborate with College staff and coordinators to develop, facilitate and administer programs, systems and events;
  • Work in campuses and classrooms with staff, including team teaching and other collaborative activities, to demonstrate, develop and deepen understandings of future learning in the context of the College 21CL Framework;
  • Implement a range of evaluation strategies to gather qualitative and quantitative data to assess activity and program effectiveness and inform future directions, and